Right before the winter holiday, our English course had the opportunity to dive into the British culture.

All together, we met in the school kitchen to prepare a typical British teatime. In small groups, a few of us accepted the challenge to bake golden and soft scones. They mixed flour, sugar, butter, baking powder and milk. They then quickly put the scones in the oven, because we were already quite hungry. While the scones were being prepared, the tea team was also busy making tea. Making tea for more than twenty people in three different flavours takes a surprisingly long time. After some time one could already smell the taste of freshly baked scones and aromatic black tea.

As the sun was slowly rising outside, we gathered in the recreation room to enjoy our breakfast. The tea and the scones were delicious. Some of us did some research on Britishness, scones and tea. While eating our scones, we found out that there is a debate on whether the jam should be on top of the clotted cream or under it. Clotted cream is a white and sweet cream that is traditionally eaten on scones (on or under the jam – in the end we loved them anyway). We also talked about British Teatime and therefore gained new vocabulary.

All in all, we enjoyed this extraordinary lesson and our venture into British culinary and cultural traditions. It was a great introduction to our new topic “Britishness”. We would certainly enjoy such a baking activity again in the future.

For Eng4 Spf: Sophie